Case History #2

"Bigger Is Better" Campaign


To increase commercial business sales. A community bank wanted to communicate that, with 17 branches and $1.1 billion in assets, they are in fact bigger than they look and can offer the same business service as larger banks.



A custom box was created with a teaser graphic on top. Inside, text appearing under a magnifying glass communicated the idea of the bank’s size and service capabilities. A card on the inside lid delivered an impactful, detailed message and call-to-action.
The piece was delivered by a bank employee or shrink-wrapped and mailed. Follow up calls to on responders were made within 24 hours.



Representatives are experiencing a 40%+success rate, a substantially better rate of return than they had received previously from brochures and cold calls. Thus far, the project has helped generate over $270,000 in new commercial business.